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Sweet intertwining testimonies of three godly people who are also sort of famous

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It’s only a half hour, if you don’t know hope and think you have no hope, really I ask you to watch this video. You don’t know how your life could change, but God does and has the power to change it.

Spoken Word by Issac Wimberely: The Meaning of Christmas

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If you don’t know what that title word “advent” means, it pretty much means “the arrival.” Of whom you may ask? Check it out in the video above.

One of my new favorite bands…Judah and the Lion

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Did you know another name for Jesus is the Lion of Judah?

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Immanuel means God with us. It is a title given to Jesus because He is God in the flesh. God the Son, Jesus, stepped down from Heaven and became a man. How amazing that God would actually dwell among us and live a life with us. He is God with us!

Classical Four Parts of the Gospel in a Video

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Try to understand what the four parts are…Ill post tomorrow what they are!