About Us


If you don’t have video capabilities or like reading, below is a recap.


The 360youth of 360 Church of Petaluma exists to serve students in middle school and high school by equipping them to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. We believe the whole life of an individual begins and finishes with grace Hebrews 12:3, so we attempt to live from, through, and out of the lens of the gospel of Christ. We are truth-seekers and seek to make known the truth John 14:6. As a group focused on our Saviour Jesus Christ, we not only seek to know Him but to enjoy Him and enjoy life; thus, we have crazy dance parties, water-world trips, camping excursions, and eat lots and lots of food together. We meet Fridays at 7pm at the new 360 church building on 431 Payran street in Petaluma. Come hang out!!!


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