Rest is over…time to return to blogging and resting in Jesus

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So we just had an awesome Thanksgiving break, for some of you it was longer than others.  I personally had two days off which was great and spent up at Sea Ranch! But now we all return to what seems to be the daily grind of school, work, sports, family issues, and catching up on lots of homework (me too!).

Here’s some advice if you feel that way, but I must admit I borrowed it from a Erik Thoennes, a Christian professor at Biola University. This is quite a paraphrase: Once one break is over, whether it be summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, or Spring Break, we as humans have a tendency to always look forward to our next break. We always say “Oh, if I could just make it to so-and-so break, I’ll be great and finally have rest! I just need to get to Summer or I just need to make it ’til Christmas.” The problem with this in the Christian life, pertains to the fact we are called to be joyful everyday.

If you, person, think to have joy or rest you must make it to the next pit-stop, then you need to find out if you are experiencing the joy of the gospel in your daily living. Our lives are not supposed to be like the Scandia car-racing game you played as a five-year old (or still do play) where you have to make it a certain distance before your car is refueled or you are given more time before the next checkpoint. We are not to be racing from checkpoint to checkpoint all the way to the finish line (Heaven) slowly losing fuel and growing weaker. In the Christian life that is centered on Christ, on God, and His completed work on the cross and in the resurrection our joy (time) should remain steadfast, unchanging, and should actually increase.

So if you feel like you have to get to Christmas Break, now Thanksgiving is over, look unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith to spring rivers of joy in your heart. He is called the Living Water, if anyone thirsts, come unto Him. Return to the source of your joy, the fountain of life, Jesus.


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