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The four parts of the Gospel:

The video I posted yesterday spoke to how there are really four main sections of the greater Gospel narrative. Narrative means story, it just sounds cooler as a word than story. These are the four parts:

1. Creation: God created the world, the heavens, us, the plants, and animals and declared it all very good. Genesis 1:31

2. Fall: This is when sin entered into the world, symbolized by the black ink in the clear water and the falling plates in the video. When sin was committed by Adam and Eve, it plunged the world into a state of brokenness. This brokenness is seen in our relationship with God, with one another, with ourself, and creation. Genesis 3:17-19 We don’t always do what God says, sometimes people hate and even kill one another, we become depressed and have inner turmoil, and plants produce poisonous things and big sharks are out to kill us. None of this would exist without sin.

3. Grace: God knew this would happen. So he planned from the foundation of the world to redeem, purchase back his people, and restore them to a right relationship with Him through Christ Jesus, God the Son, dying on a cross. Jesus by dying declared his good intentions toward us, his amazing love for us, and a future preview of what is to come….glory.

4: Glory: God has promised with the second coming of Jesus to finally defeat death, the last enemy, and fully eradicate sin and it’s presence from our lives. A new Heaven and Earth will be established and there will be no more tears or crying or pain no more. This is God’s ultimate plan, the full restoration of the entire universe.

Each of this can be explained in a lot more depth. One good resource for further reading is a 44-page book by Philip Graham Ryken titled What is the Christian Worldview? I read it for an intro philosophy class at Biola University and found it really helpful in a short and compact read.

Any questions? Let me know by commenting below…if you don’t want your comment to show up publicly on the web page, just tell me that and I won’t post it once you submit your comments or questions.


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