Ill take Jesus to the movies

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Honestly you can relate everything to the gospel. Why? Because everything is relevant to the gospel. Huh? Straight up.

What I mean, is we can take any situation and circumstance and view it through this gospel lens. We can begin to look at things happening in our lives with the new eyes God has given us. Our perspectives can be changed in an instant by figuring out how Jesus fits into what we see, do, experience, and think in that particular moment.

Lets take for example my night. I’m currently staying with a friend at a university in L.A. He has quite a bit of homework, so I’ve had some downtime. It’s been nice just relaxing for the day (I did do a ten mile hike though in the morning) but I can’t sit still too long. So I decided to go see the new Thor movie (sitting I know). Truth be told I was a little bummed to go by myself because I thought who goes to movies by themselves? 

But then I remembered all those sermons given by our wonderful pastors, Ryan and Colton, about how all our acceptance, validation, and identity is found in Christ. Because I am in Christ and Christ is in me, because his love surpasses any other love, I became comfortable with my situation of going to a movie by myself. I didnt care if I was going to a movie theater where I would see tons of college students hanging out in groups and I was just rolling solo. As I remembered the gospel and the security I have in Christ, I have the confidence to think in such a way where I just don’t care about other peoples opinions.

This is not a me shaking my angry fist at the judgmental world we live in, rather it is a feeling and stance of freedom I have been so graciously given by Jesus. Jesus set me free when he saved me by bearing the cross. He set me free from trying to impress everyone. He set me free from always worrying about peoples reactions and thoughts about me.

So a night I thought I was going to be a grouch, turned into a great one because I looked to Jesus.

Try to look at things from a gospel perspective because it will make your life so much easier. Trust in Jesus and rejoice that you will always have him to take to the movies.

Oh Ya Thor 2 was awesome by the way!


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