Take up and read

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It’s hard. I know.

It’s been a long day.

The homework is piling up.

Parents are arguing and your little sibling is pulling out your hair.

Its just easier to watch TV.

Its just easier to browse the Internet.

That book is boring anyway.

What does it have to do with me?

Let me tell you something though…

Its a love letter.

Its more valuable than gold.

Its more precious than jewels.

Its a guide to your walking feet.

Its a light in the darkness.

Its wisdom calls out to you.

Its the most-heart breaking story.

Yet its the most wonderful story.

A story of redemption.

Where is this story you say?

I haven’t heard of such qualities in one book.

It sits waiting for you to open its silver pages.

To discover a mysterious love

To dwell in this seemed fantasy

But its real. Its very real.

The more you learn of it

The more you want it

It captures the heart

Enthralls the mind

And quiets the soul.

Does it really do all this you ask?

Why don’t you find out?






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