Streetlights Bible

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Humble Beast Records just released their first Streetlights Album-basically it is an urban hip-hop album that speaks fluidly the Word of God. Drew, one of the youth counselors, just purchased two albums which contain Genesis 1-6 and the entire Gospel of John. I got to listen to it–plainly awesome! The albums are really an outreach to those who might not otherwise listen to the bible or read the bible in its regular, traditional format. With low-key beats and a spoken-word approach to the words of God, the Streetlights Bible definitely engages its listeners. Featured on the tracks are artists like Braille, Propaganda, Odd Thomas, Theory Hazit, Courtland Urbano, and many other members part of the Humble Beast label. Here is a sampler below:

One more thought on this video. Did you know this is a reading from the Old Testament, not the New Testament? This was written 700 years before the time of Christ and all that was described was fulfilled in Christ! Pretty awesome huh?

Another side note…Christ is not Jesus’ last name. Christ is a title for Jesus. It comes from the Greek word “christos” which means “annointed one.” Jesus was the annointed one, the Messiah, who was predestined since eternity to fulfill all the requirements of the law found in the Old Testament, so that we who believe in him would not have to keep the law. He was the promised Savior of Israel.


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