In case you missed Friday Night…

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Well as usual, we all had an awesome time playing Sardines, taking turns going up in the Skyjack, running around during amoeba tag, and building churches out of pretzel sticks and frosting. Kudos to Team #6!!! In worship, we introduced a new song called Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective; the song can be bought on Itunes, if you want to add this lyrically-powerful, upbeat song to your regular listening tunes. Jeff showed us how much Jesus loves us through the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19. What is so important about this story, is it shows Jesus as the God who loves regardless of us reaching out to Him. He loves us despite our shortfalls, our insecurities, and our sins. Even when we aren’t perfectly obeying God or don’t even feel like loving God, He still loves us. You could say Christ showing love is totally independent of us, and wholly dependent on who God is. God is love! -1 John 4:8. But why? How could a loving God love sinners–rebellious people who are constantly not meeting up to his standards? By way of the cross. What the cross accomplished is a miraculous feat and the ultimate display of grace. By Jesus, the Son of God, dying on a cross, He made us lovable. You see, when you trust in God, you who are reading this, you become righteous. You become totally free of the stain of sin on your clothes. Jesus lays upon you a robe of dazzling white, a robe of righteousness. And not only that, He has adopted you into God’s family. You become a son or daughter of God. You are loved by God the Father just as much as He loves His own Son, Jesus. God loves us by way of the cross.


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