Is Jesus your Everything?

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Definition of everything: 1a. all that exists, b. all that relates to the subject 2. all that is important. (Webster’s dictionary)

My definition of everything: Do you look to Jesus for companionship, joy, peace, satisfaction, contentment, happiness, fulfillment, purpose, love, wisdom, knowledge, advice, sustenance, rest, security, identity, courage, and strength. He is enough for you? He is your all and all?

Pastor Ryan is taking the church through the book of Colossians and today we looked at chapter 1:5-8. We looked at the life of Epaphras and just how free Epaphras was because he had been set free by the truth of the gospel and had made Jesus his everything. In light of that truth, that Epaphras didn’t need to go anywhere else, meet anyone else, or try something new to have freedom and contentment, he was able to give himself away in love. He travelled 1000 miles from the city of Colossae to Rome, just so he could pray with Paul and ask him to write a letter to the church back home. Thats from Petaluma to Vancouver, British Columbia! Remember all he had was his own two feet! He wanted his church to know like he now knew that Jesus is everything and all we are really seeking and yearning for is found in the person of Christ.


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